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Seller Information

There is no need to reserve a spot, just show up to get yourself a space! All of our Spaces are 18x20.

Spaces are $30 on Sat and $35 on Sun. We charge additional Early fee of $5 between 450a-559am.

At 6am, there is no add'l $5 fee.

Please line up in the second lane from the right, coming thru Front Gates.  You may only have one vehicle for one space.  Always Be Fair, we are.

We are an Old School Swap Meet - same Family since 1958:

We treat you like Entreprenuers - come in and leave as you desire - most all other swap meets Make you stay until 3p+!

Take out what you bring in. If caught leaving any garbage, you will absolutely not sell here again. 


Prospective Food Vendors

  • Please see the manager at the Front Gate.

  • You must have a San Diego County Health Permit.

  • Mobile Food Preparation Units (hot food trucks) may operate at swap meets- the vehicle shall have a valid Health Permit and sticker that has been issued to the operator of the vehicle. 

       How to get a Food Handlers Permit for San Diego County? (
  • All food handlers working in San Diego County are required to have a valid food handler card issued by a county-authorized food handler training provider or by San Diego County.

  • Take your food handlers course from eFoodhandlers, a California, San Diego and national leader.

Prohibited Merchandise

  • ammunition

  • butterfly knives

  • counterfeit merchandise

  • no live animals

  • drugs & drug paraphernalia

  • explosives or fireworks

  • guns or rifles

  • prepared food or drinks

  • swords

  • anything unlawful

The Santee Swap Meet Management reserves the right to prohibit ANY merchandise they deem necessary to maintain a safe and lawful environment for all sellers & buyers. 


Ms. Perez, along with Vicky Gonzalez and Anthony Beltran provide 5 STAR Coffee/Latte experience at Santee SwapMeet!

Order a Top Seller today:
Mazapan Latte
Lechera Latte & My Favorite:
Dulce de Leche Latte

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