Seller Information


There is no need to reserve a spot, just show up to get yourself a space! Stall prices range from $25-$35. See our pricing page for more info. Sellers can enter early beginning at 5:00 AM through the front gate only. Please line up in the second lane from the right. When setting up your space, each individual seller must leave 6 feet of space between themselves and the next seller. You may only have one vehicle for one space. Trucks and vehicles with trailers must purchase 2 or more spaces, the number of spaces determined by size. Each space is approximately 18' X "20 (2 parking spaces). 


Prospective Food Vendors

  • Please see the manager at the Front Gate.

  • There is a flat $35 fee for Saturday or Sunday to sell Food. We do have power available

  • You must have a San Diego County Health Permit (can get it within one hour by walking into the Office there)

  • Mobile Food Preparation Units (hot food trucks) may operate at swap meets- the vehicle shall have a valid Health Permit and sticker that has been issued to the operator of the vehicle. 

How to get a Food Handlers Permit for San Diego County? (
  • All food handlers working in San Diego County are required to have a valid food handler card issued by a county-authorized food handler training provider or by San Diego County.

  • Take your food handlers course from eFoodhandlers, a California, San Diego and national leader.

  • Pay the $7.95 course fee. Lowest price in San Diego County.

Prohibited Merchandise

  • ammunition

  • butterfly knives

  • counterfeit merchandise

  • dogs/cats without proper paperwork

  • drugs & drug paraphernalia

  • explosives or fireworks

  • guns or rifles

  • prepared food or drinks

  • road flares

  • stun guns

  • swords 

  • weapons

  • anything unlawful

The Santee Swap Meet Management reserves the right to prohibit ANY merchandise they deem necessary to maintain a safe and lawful environment for all sellers & buyers. Thank you for your cooperation!